Rebel Shields Origins

Our founder, Donna, created Rebel Shields when her husband contracted the coronavirus.

“Daddy, I wish I could see you smiling under your mask!”

The words stopped me cold. I was running between floors, from my husband’s upstairs quarantine to the ground-floor kitchen where my 8-year-old was supposed to be doing her schoolwork. She had snuck past me, though, to peek up at her Daddy, whom she hadn’t seen in person since his symptoms appeared. It was clear that essential information was being lost. Was her father smiling at her? How could we communicate effectively with a mask on and stay safe and comfortable all day?

Truth be told, wearing a mask in our house all day was hot, itchy and awful. The solution we needed didn’t exist yet on the market - so we set out to create it. My daughter and I decided to create comfortable products that will protect our health and restore the communication that gets lost behind a mask.

We called another mother-daughter team for help—my childhood friend Lynne, a pediatric nurse, and her daughter Julie, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Together, with our co-founders Chris and Pete, we agreed on a mission:

To provide fashionable and customizable face shields so we can stay safe and be real. 

Rebel Shields are:

  • A comfortable, fashionable approach to protecting everyone you care about
  • Perfect for social gatherings and public areas for the whole family
  • Meant for your health—Masks protect others but shields protect you

Today we’re launching Rebel Shields into the market with a variety of fashionable designs meant for everyone in the family. We will continuously offer new designs, so check back if you’d like to see more. 

Above all, stay safe. We got this!

- Donna, Rebel Shields founder